Tournament Rules and Guidelines


Last Modified: September 24, 2018

1. Responsibility and Chain of Command.

A coach or designated team administrator must register the team to participate on Gigaraise.

The Tournament Committee also reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to impose any penalties if, in its judgment, any player, manager or coach displays unsportsmanlike conduct or repeatedly/willfully violates any rules, regulations or policies during the competitions.

The committee also reserves the right to impose any penalty the committee deems appropriate, if the committee determines action is necessary to correct a situation brought to its attention, regardless of the source of that information. The decision of the Tournament Committee is final and binding.

Knowledge of the rules must be guaranteed before a Tournament Director is declared qualified. Participation in any tournament will signify that the coach and administrators organizing a team are knowledgeable of the GigaRaise Tournament Rules and are in full agreement with these conditions.

2. Team Eligibility

GigaRaise teams can be any organized school sports team or school activity group. We also accept organized non-profit teams. All teams must be in the USA at this time.

The team must be organized by a coach or other adult administrator.

3. Players and Fan Eligibility

Gigaraise Fundraising Teams consist of players that are organized to raise money to reach their team goals as part of the Gigaraise tournaments.

Coaches, players, parents, fans and alumni are all equal members of the fundraising team regardless of athletic ability or location.

4. Roster Size

There is no limit to the number of Coaches, players and fans allowed to join your team. In fact, we expect the team that wins the National Championship to have over 5,000 players on their team roster.

We believe that to win the National Sports Fundraising Championships the winning teams will reach out to their community and establish a large support network.

5. Tournament Structure- Playing Rules

The First 8 Tournaments are invitation only. On January 1st, 2018 we will start our first tournament with 8 teams joining the fundraising tournament.

The teams and each player on the team will be individually ranked in four categories that will combine into your teams Power Rankings.

Each of the following categories are worth 25% overall score:

  • Volunteer points or ″Giga″ points: earned through building your team page. You earn these points when you post videos, share the team posts and page to your social media community. Inspire your community by sharing your hopes, goals and objectives for your team!
  • Recruiting Points: Each player on the team will have a link that they can share on their social media page or to email and invite their friends and family to join their fundraising team. Each person that follows their link to join the team will increase their teams Recruiting Ranking.
  • Number of Donors: To show a large support network for your team and that your team is reaching out to the Community the number of donors, regardless of amount given, shows that you are putting in the work. The more individual donors that contribute to your team the higher your team will rank.
  • Amount Donated: This is simply based on the overall amount donated to your team throughout the year. The more money you’ve raised the higher your ranking.
Seeding for Tournaments

Each week during the First 8 weekly tournaments on Thursday night, at midnight, the teams will be seeding by their Power Rankings into Tournament play.

The money your team has earned during that week will give you a bonus at the start of the first game.

On Thursday the games will be Team 1 vs. 8, 5 vs. 4, 3 vs. 6, 2 vs. 7.

At 8pm on Thursday evening the first round of Tournament play is over and the winners instantly advance to the Semi-Final Round. The Semi-Final games each last for 24 hours and go from 8pm – 8pm PST.

Friday Night at 8pm the Semi-Final Games are over, and the two winning teams move on to the National Championship game.

Saturday Night at 8pm the Championship Game is won by the last team standing that has raised the most money in that 24-hour period.

Overtime- Sudden Death

If at the end of the game two teams are tied the game will go into sudden death. The extended time will be for one hour with the first team to get a donation in any amount wins. If at the end of one hour the game is still tied because nobody donated the team that got the first donation at the start of the Seeding round of the competition will be determined the winner.


All participants, coaches, players and fans shall refrain from using profanity, bullying and harassing other players, coaches, fans and tournament staff.

Team coaches and administrators will be responsible for the conduct of their players and make sure everyone follows the tournament rules.

A team or player that violates the spirit of the competition by creating an unfair advantage using computer assisted artificial intelligence will be charged with a forfeit and be declared ineligible from future competitions.

All coaches, players and fans should make every effort to prevent a situation that may result in the forfeiture of a game or suspension of tournament privileges.

Tournament Director

The Tournament director is in place to enforce the rules of the game and make sure that the competition maintains order. The Tournament Director has the right to alter the rules, power rankings and bracket structure as needed.