Frequently Asked Questions

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Calendar of Events1

Events Calendar – April 2019

April 1st - 7th Register Your Team at GigaRaise.com and start building your teams page.

  • April 7th - 8th - Wild Card Seeding Qualifying Day.
  • April 8th - 9th - Round of 64
  • April 9th - 10th - Round of 32
  • April 10th - 11th - Round of 16
  • April 11th - 12th - Round of 8
  • April 12th - 13th - Round of 4
  • April 13th - 14th - Round of 2, Championship Game
  • April 14th at 9pm PST - END OF TOURNAMENT

All Game Times start and end at 9pm PST.


How Are Payments Processed?

When a coach or administrator start a team page they will need to add the email account associated with their PayPal account. If they don't currently have a PayPal account, they will need to go to PayPal site and start one before they can register their team.

PayPal will then process your payment and deposit the money that has been donated to your team directly into the bank account of your choice.

What Is The Cost To Participate In A Tournament?
There is no cost to start a team and join the tournaments for teams that join during the First 8 Tournaments in January and February 2018.

How it Works2

How are the 64 Teams determined?

Each team will be ranked by the amount of money raised during the GigaRaise Wild Card Seeding Qualifying Events.

The inaugural event runs from April 7th at 9pm to April 14th at 9pm.

The Top 64 teams based on the amount of money raised during these dates will be seeded in the order of amount raised from #1 seed to #64 seed.

How it Works

Gigaraise hosts a 64 Team Single Elimination Competitive Fundraising Tournament.

Teams will go head to head against each other in a 24 hour online fundraising competition. The team that raises the most money survives and advances to the next round. The losing team keeps the money that they've raised, but they are eliminated from the competition.

Bring swagger to fundraising with a fast and exciting way to motivate your players, parents and donors to raise more money for your team!