The Game Changing Way
To Raise Money

GigaRaise brings the excitement of competition to fundraising.
Competitive fundraising is just how it sounds: teams compete against each other, online, to see who can raise the most money in a set amount of time. The winning teams advance to the next round where additional prize money is up for grabs.

Everyone's a Winner.

Everyone takes home their winnings even if you do not advance to the next round. Coaches and Teams have already raised thousands of dollars in online tournaments!

It's More
than just fundraiser.

Everything begins and ends on your team's GigaRaise Page. Create your page today and invite your coach, team administrator or athletic director. It's easy to sign up and you only need a PayPal account established to start receiving donations! Once the GigaRaise page and Paypal are setup you are ready to begin.

Active Children Mean A Healthier Future.

Are your children getting enough activities?
According to new data released by the Aspen Institute’s Sports & Society Program, only 36.9 percent of children ages 6-12 played team sports on a regular basis in 2016 – down from 38.6 in 2015 and 44.5 in 2008.

Fewer Obese Youths

Number of additional youths dropping below 85 percent BMI percentile.

Direct Medical Costs Saved

Active kids will be less likely to develop obesity-related health conditions in life (e.g., stroke, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes). They will save medical costs such as hospitalizations, medications, and doctors’ visits.

Productivity Losses Saved

Avoiding obesity-related conditions will make people more productive (e.g., fewer sick days and longer lives), which will provide savings for businesses and society.

Years of Life Saved

Avoiding obesity-related health conditions will also lengthen people’s lives.

Source: Global Obesity Prevention Center (GOPC), Johns Hopkins University,

Let's give these kids a chance to play.